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  Baby Boy  
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Baby Boy
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With all that I am
and all that I'll be
I promise you...
I will try my hardest
to teach you how
to love yourself,

So that you may love others,
to respect the earth
and hope others will follow in your footsteps

To forgive those who will hurt you, so your heart will not blacken,

to teach you unity,
so you will know humanity
is your family, and to help you
connect your spirit and mind, so that you will find balance.

When you've grown enough to leave my side, remember these words to teach your own:

my heart,
my light,
my baby boy.

Baby Boy is a painting that I did of my youngest son Jonah and myself, and the background is a place near Malaspina College called Malaspina Heights. I was celebrating the pride that I feel being First Nations and bringing a child into this world in a mixed culture, and how important it was to me that he had the same values and beliefs that I was raised to have.

About the Original
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas / Image Size: 17" x 22 " / Created: 2002
Availability: Sold