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Dancing with Spirit
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The Longhouse located just off Government Street in Victoria, was built by Mungo Martin. Although he is not representative of the people who once thrived in this area, he brought beauty through his art to a very British looking city and kept the Native culture alive with performances during the summer months.

in Dancing with Spirit you see a large totem pole in the front and three women dancing in the back. They are possibly younger, between the ages of 8 and 30. They're all wearing different wear, one from the interior of B.C. and the other two are local, from the Victoria area, wearing shawls. They're dancing on a piece of grass that is mostly a tourist attraction though it's a piece of land they've been dancing on for many generations. They're not thinking of what is around them, but of their ancestors who had been there before them.

I had the opportunity to exhibit some of my paintings in the Longhouse during the summer of 2004. I felt closer to my ancestors, who no doubt are alive and well and watching over us.

About the Original
Medium: Acrylic on Paper / Image Size: 15" x 22" / Created: 2003
Availability: Yes / Price: $5,950.00