Darlene Gait was born on Vancouver Island and began painting as a child.Darlene Gait was born on Vancouver Island and began painting as a child.

Inspired by nature and her First Nations heritage, her work is created with emotions that allow the viewer to connect and relate to the stories told through her brush.

Her poetry, created with each painting, allows people to understand each image through the artist's perception.

She is recognized internationally, her art is exhibited and held in private and public collections, and her limited edition giclées and prints are sold in galleries worldwide.

Darlene's paintings and poetry celebrate her love for her Coast Salish culture and bring to life through beautiful images the rich traditions and oral history of the First People of Canada. Her art also reflects her passion for protecting the environment and wildlife as well as her beliefs in the oneness of humanity and the beauty of its diversity. Her paintings are often inspired by her vivid dreams, which she believes must be captured by her brush and poetry and then shared. She also feels bound by the responsibility to depict all her images with scientific and historical accuracy, as she considers her art to be part of the oral history of her culture.



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